Friends of Saint Conan’s Kirk

The Friends of Saint Conan’s Kirk was set up in March 2014 with the aim of preserving the heritage of Saint Conan’s Kirk, providing a focal point for the local community and to help raise funds to maintain the fabric of the Kirk and its grounds through the development of a centre for the arts and education.

We are a registered charity with OSCR and our objectives are:

  1. To develop a number of events and activities that attract existing, new and repeat visitors to the Kirk. We aim to increase donations both on an ad-hoc and regular basis.
  2. To promote the Kirk by building awareness of the Kirk and in turn increase footfall and visitor numbers
  3. To develop the Kirk’s attractions including the development of a range of products available for purchase on site that are of interest and appeal to any visitor
  4. To develop educational tours and documentation. These may involve local and national history, architecture, flora and fauna.
  5. To involve the local community in events, activities, volunteering opportunities and working parties.
  6. To contribute to the maintenance of the fabric and grounds of Saint Conan’s and so provide an ongoing cultural and educational facility for the benefit of the local community and beyond.


Click here for Friends of St Conan’s Kirk Constitution