The information below was correct at time of writing and will be updated as needed. Please contact us with any corrections or suggested improvement to this page.


This access statement should be read alongside the general visiting information on the website. Here we offer more specific information on access to help disabled visitors plan their trip.

If you have any particular needs, please get in touch in advance of your visit. We do not have any members of staff and are entirely reliant on volunteers to answer emails etc so it may take time to get back to you.

Assistance dogs (only) are allowed inside the Kirk.

Car Parking

Limited Parking By Main Gate and Gatehouse (Approx 5 spaces)
Distance to Kirk entrance: 66m
Westbound A85 Layby. Note Layby/Road Edge has quite a large drop..
Distance to Kirk Entrance: 100m
Eastbound Layby (Note: Need to cross A85 main road in 30mph zone)

Access Paths to Kirk

The narrow gravel road is used by vehicles and pedestrians. There is very limited space by the kirk and all spaces are very tight. PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU NEED TO REQUEST ACCESS TO PARK BESIDE THE MAIN KIRK ENTRANCE. WE ARE AWARE GRAVEL CAN BE DIFFICULT TO TRAVERSE WITH A WHEELCHAIR.
Access from main gate to kirk by sloping loose gravel path.
Sloped concrete footpath from Westbound layby (Gate width 850mm)
The celtic cross memorial is accessed by a rough path from the concrete footpath (Width 1600mm)
At end of concrete footpath it joins gravel roadway

Kirk Entrance

Normally entry is through the cloisters. The second door can be opened as needed.
(There are no steps). Entry width : 2 doors each 600mm wide
The Norman Arch and door from the Cloister to the South Aisle (No Steps).
The cloister itself if on one level with gravel/stone flooring. Entry width 1400mm.
The main door into the transept is normally used as an exit route. It has small step but it is then on the same level as the exhibition area (although there are 2 steps down to the Nave (See later))
Step Height: 100mm Door width 2 doors 600mm wide each
Steps from Nave to Transept at Main Entrance and Exhibition Area (160mm each step)

Kirk Interior

There are a number of steps in the Kirk (normally 2 steps) and there can be areas of uneven flooring. There are areas of low (or no) lighting especially the Bruce Chapel and Apse during hours of darkness.

There is a folding aluminium wheelchair ramp stored (in the exhibition area) that can allow access to the areas which are above nave floor level (normally 2 steps, each 160mm high). It is available for visitor use but we ask that when used it is placed carefully to avoid damage to the floor/edges of steps and returned after the visit. (Ramp Details: Length 1.2m, Width 720mm wide Weight 4 kg).

Fixed Pews and Stacking Chairs in the Nave. Floor space at rear or in front of pews.
The St Brides and St Conval’s Chapels in the South Aisle are normally closed to visitors
(1 or 2 steps down during guided tours)
Access to the Chancel and Apse from the nave ( 2 steps)
Access to the Transepts from the Nave (2 steps)
Access from Apse to the corridor outside Bruce chapel
Access from Apse to Exhibition Area (2 steps)

Access to South Gardens

View of Gardens including terraces and exit from South Aisle
Steps from South Aisle Entrance
(Entry width 2 doors each 650mm wide. 3 steps each 180mm high).
Uneven steps from South Aisle Entrance to Sundial and Garden Terraces
Flights of steps up to terrace and sundial

Path Cloisters to Gardens

Rough path past cloister
Rough path from corner of cloister to lower level of gardens.
Access from lower level of gardens to terrace.

Past Apse End to Gardens

A rough steep path has been worn by visitors walking past the Apse. A new gravel path is in progress (2019/2020). Note: This is steeply sloping uneven ground.
Access round Apse exterior to south gardens
(Note: Image taken February 2020 showing work in progress of installation of gravel path, drainage and removal of rocks/trip hazards)
Very uneven steps leading up to the terraced gardens from the Apse end.

Vestry Toilet

IMPORTANT: The vestry toilet is only open during events. There are no visitor toilets at the Kirk. We are working to raise funds to address this problem however this is major challenge.

Access Step from Exhibition Area to Vestry Floor Level
(Step Height 190mm/ Doorway Width 750mm).
Access to Vestry Toilet
Entry width 850mm (Note wider than Vestry door which is the only entrance).
Toilet has grab rail, Lever taps on the washbasin, internal flashing light as well as audible fire alarm and a red cord for assistance alarm.

Gatehouse Cafe

Level Access to Tea Room. There is a tight turn on entrance in the entrance hall to access the small cafe space. More images to follow.
(Note: The cafe toilets are restricted to tearoom customers and are located down a flight of stairs).
Single step from tearoom hallway to tearoom
Entrance to tearoom
Steps down to Tearoom Toilet
Tearoom facilities

Food is ordered via table service and will be brought to your table by the café staff. The café has a mix of chairs with arms and without arms. The tables have XXcm/YY inches clear height underneath. There are also outside seats (weather dependent). The menu is printed and staff would normally be able to read it out on request.

Other Information


There are a number of benches around the grounds for visitors to have a rest and enjoy the building and gardens.



The refurbished library is sometimes used for meetings. It is access via a stairway (15 steps, typical width 600mm). There is no other access route. A new handrail was installed in 2020.


There is currently no visitor access to the crypt other than during escorted visits for special events. There is a flight of stairs with no handrails and uneven steps (last 7 steps). We are fundraising to enable access (handrails, fire exits, fire alarms etc).

Evacuation Procedure

In the event of fire, escape routes are through the entrances described above. The cloister exit is flat, the main exit has two steps up/one step down and the south aisle exit has a number of steps down (as shown above). Emergency lighting in the Nave and South aisle was installed in 2019. There are visual fire exit signs.

Future Plans and Fundraising

This page shows the current situation for access to the kirk. We are aware that there is opportunities to improve access, however the challenging restoration and repair demands with very limited budget are a major constraint. We are reliant on visitor donations and a small number of grant funders.