Sponsorship of Culture, Arts and Heritage Developments at St Conan’s Kirk, 2019

Towards the end of 2018 we approached a small number of local organisations including local estates and businesses to ask for their financial support with our ambitious program for Arts, Heritage and Culture at St Conan’s . We are very grateful to the three local organisations which have chosen to support our work so far.

This year, 2019, we are very happy to ackowledge the support of Lochs and Glens Holidays which owns the Loch Awe Hotel in the village; Castles Estates which owns and manages much of the land around Lochawe village; the Ardkinglas Estate  on Loch Fyne which runs a number of farming  and tourist operations there. With their support we are able to develop two of our projects directly related to arts, culture and heritage at the Kirk.

1. Development of the Crypt as a small performance space and children’s exhibition area.
2. Support with our work to both develop and market the range of arts, culture and heritage events at the Kirk.

Culture and Business Fund Scotland

As the sponsors’ contributions are each £1000 or more, we are able to double their sponsorship through the “Culture and Business Fund Scotland“. This is a Scottish government scheme to encourage businesses to sponsor arts, culture and heritage activities by matching their contribution.

We are committed to making good use of these funds and will update you as we progress during 2019. We would like to thank:

Lochs and Glens run a number of hotels in Scotland; the beautiful Loch Awe Hotel is located 1km from the kirk and welcomes thousands of visitors to Scotland each year.


Ardkinglas Estate is an important Argyll attraction with a historic mansion, tourist accommodation, and  lovely gardens with the largest conifer tree in Europe. It also owns and manages some 12000 acres of land at the eastern end of  Loch Fyne.


Castles Estate is an historic estate covering much of the land in the eastern foothills of Cruachan and around Loch Awe village. They farm sheep and highland cattle.The estate owners are active supporters of local community events.


If you represent an organisation which might consider sponsoring us, now or in the future, please do contact us.