Argyll’s Hidden Gem begin’s to emerge on Trip Adviser (April 2019)

St Conan’s Kirk has often been referred to as Argyll’s hidden gem. For a long time hidden from the road behind trees that had grown since being seedlings planted 100 years ago it was a secret spot for people in the know. Although long championed by some guidebook authors e.g. Peter Irvine in Scotland the Best (click on the guidebook extract ) it has remained something for people to discover or to miss. The scale of the restoration and conservation challenge now faced means the Kirk can no longer stay quite so hidden! For the last few years we have been gently letting people know what an amazing place the Kirk is. Thankfully through our efforts and the reviews of visitors to the Kirk, it is now being recognised more widely.

In 2016, in a public poll of the best Scottish buildings of the last 100 years, St Conan’s Kirk was one of the top 10 buildings. For a rural building in a public vote this was a great achievement and show of support.

Trip Advisor

As well as adding a new visitor exhibition and new information leaflets (in 2015 and 2016), we also put out some cards in the Autumn of 2018 asking visitors to review us on trip adviser, facebook and google. We didn’t know what to expect by asking for a few more reviews, but in April 2019 a visit to the website of of Trip Adviser has revealed that on Trip Advisor for Scotland, St Conan’s Kirk is:

#1 Church and Cathedral in Scotland

#2 Architectural Building in Scotland

#2 Sacred and Religious Sites in Scotland

Not such as hidden gem as we thought!

Robert the Bruce Effigy, Bruce Chapel, St Conan’s Kirk