Lighting Project

The Kirk was completed in 1930. We currently have 4 chandelier lights in the Nave and a little bit of lighting beside the exhibition area. After dusk the building becomes quite dark, gloomy and atmospheric, but you can’t see very much!

In 2018 we engaged Paul Covell Lighting Consultants to help us with the problem and he has prepared a lighting scheme that will bring out the best of the Kirk and bring it up to modern standards with emergency lighting and exits signs. Paul is an experienced designer of churches, theatres and other buildings. With recent technological developments meaning dimmable LEDs, wireless controls and amazing track systems will give us a scheme that can be optimised to highlight features such as the roof, the walls, windows and more such as the Chapels, the Iona Abbey Window. We obtained Listed Building Consent in 2018.

Chancel and Nave with Roof and Wall lights



The approximate cost of the full scheme is still to be confirmed (approx £65,000) however we are initially working to carry out the works needed to light the Nave and South Aisle at a cost of over £25,000. The drawing below shows the level of detail needed to select light fittings, locations and how to get hidden cables to the lights!

South Aisle Lighting, all light are on dimmers so we can optimise light levels!