Crypt Developments

Underneath the Chancel and Ambulatory in the East end of the kirk is the amazing Crypt. Unfortunately this has to be closed to the public due to the lack of handrails and safety signage. However we would love to open it for public access, and ideally as a small performance space and as an extra exhibition space focusing on our younger visitors.

View of St Conan’s Kirk Crypt

In 2018 we submitted our plans to modify the access stairs to add fire doors and handrails and this was granted Listed Building Consent. The The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund awarded us a grant to assist with the costs of developing the Crypt in 2018 and we also received an award for part of the professional fees from the Architectural Heritage Fund.

Our plans include:

  1. Modifying the access stair and doors to create a second means of escape in case of a fire.
  2. Adding the necessary lighting and emergency lighting and signage for public access.
  3. Creating a small stage in the centre of the Crypt.
  4. Installing a children’s exhibition covering topics such as music, nature, architecture, local area and much more.

The costs (excluding the Children’s Exhibtion) are estimated as £25,000.


We need to raise another £4000 to complete the Building Warrant and Design process and also £21,000 for the Capital works. Our plans for the Children’s exhibition are based on a simple design and should hopefully be under £5000.