Fun at Glenorchy’s Flower Festival


Last week we had fun taking part in the biennial Flower Festival held by our friends from Dalmally in Glenorchy Parish Church. Individuals and groups are invited to contribute a floral arrangement illustrating a specified theme. This year’s theme was “Confectionary”.

This first caused much debate while we checked the definition of Confectionary (turns out it covers sugary baked goods as well as sweets) and even more debate about which confectionaries could be depicted with flowers! In the end we plumped for arranging roses in a variety of Cadbury’s Roses containers.  There were lots of great exhibits including a Yorkshire dales scene with stone walls made of boilings, skittle alleys, sherbet spaceships (remember those?) as flowers, a picnic scene with a couple out in the countryside, an orangey chocolate orange display and lots of other very imaginative designs.

Flower Festival organiser, Pam Gibson, said “we are really delighted with the number of entries and the amount of thought and work everyone has put into their arrangements”. 

Visitors to the Festival were able to enjoy hot drinks and home baking in addition to viewing all the creativity and loveliness of the flowers.

Donations from entry to the Festival are this year going to the local “North Argyll Carers Centre”.