Gardens and Grounds

The kirk sits in a beautiful part of Argyll with wonderful views down Loch Awe. From the entrance, where you can see remnants of a stone circle, the original path leads towards the kirk. The natural landscape with oak trees, rhododendrons, terraces and grassed areas creates a tranquil setting. A variety of paths and steps wind round, down and below the kirk, along St Modan’s way, to the lawn beyond.

We plan to upgrade the access to the grounds on the lochside of the kirk, secure the terracing and create water drainage courses, remove two large non-native trees close to the building which are contributing to roof damage, (and also blocking the view to Kilchurn Castle), reinstate the full stone circle by the main entrance, improve paths and handrails and clean and conserve a number of monuments. These projects and the addition of clear signage and orientation information will help visitors more fully appreciate the local landscape, heritage and the environment.

We also plan to add to the planting, create a wildlife friendly environment and add more seating.

With extensive conservation and repair work needed to the fabric of the kirk, it is always difficult to allocate money and resources to the gardens and grounds. We are very grateful to the volunteer groups who help with the maintenance of the grounds, which form such an important part of the visitor experience and which are also enjoyed by many in the local community.

View from the North West


Plans include addressing unofficial paths worn by visitors. In this case past the Apse.

View from Sundial (Oct 2021) 20m tall non-Native Douglas Fir part-way through removal. Views to Kilchurn Castle restored
View to Loch Awe restored. This also means a drier buildings as light and heat floods into the Apse and pine needles no longer block drains causing roof leaks