Glass Box at St Conan’s Kirk

During October 2022 the installation of the “Glass Box” was completed at St Conan’s Kirk. After progressing from the initial concept through to achieving Listed Building Consent for the design in 2018, there was a “lull” as other restoration projects and activities took place while we tried to raise funding to allow the project to proceed. The pandemic didn’t help!

Archway from Nave to Exhibition Area

With major support of £23,000 from the Scottish Government Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund (award by Argyll and Bute Third Sector Interface) , a donation from ACHA £500 and a £300 donation from the Wake family as well as contributions from the Friends of St Conan’s Kirk we were able to realise our ambitions for an area of the kirk that could be heated for events, receptions, intervals and more. We know how cold the kirk can be and the ability to heat a small area for events is crucial. Shortly after being installed, we welcome a reminiscence group from local villages that was able to take place with over 20 people gathering in the warmth.

View from the Apse. The exhibition area is located underneath the library and can be heated for special events. A new lighting installation was also added.