Great News for Chapel Gates Restoration

St Bride’s Chapel Gates

In June we heard the great news that 2 grant funders are going to support our project to restore the St Bride’s and St Conval’s Chapel Gates. The Idlewild Trust and the Ironmongers Company have awarded us £5000 and £5335 respectively. Combined with an earlier award from the local Carraig Gheal Windfarm Community Benefit Fund this means we can arrange for both gates to be removed from the Kirk for painstaking conservation. These gates were the work of renowned arts and crafts metalworker, Thomas Hadden and are very ornate and detailed. Although currently they look very rusty, once stripped to bare metal, repaired and resurfaced, they will once again be quite stunning.

We are very grateful for the support of our funders and also the work of our incredible volunteers in liaising with potential restorers, obtaining costs and raising the funds needed for these important works.

You can find out more about the gates on this webpage.

St Conval’s Chapel Gate