Objects and Furniture

Walter Douglas-Campbell was an antiquarian and a great collector of historical objects, furnishings and fittings. Many of the windows and arches in the Kirk came from older dismantled buildings. He was also a skilled craftsman and the organ screen was his own work. A number of objects require conservation. A number of the items require conservation works:

1. The Bruce Effigy in the Bruce Chapel has lain for over 100 years and the figure needs conservation of the timber and alabaster materials. A conservation plan has been drawn up and in 2018 we received funding towards the costs of this from the Lochy Hydro Community Community benefit scheme. During summer 2019 the effigy was transformed during extensive restorations.

2. Wooden furniture including the dolphin chairs, pulpit and candlesticks all require some conservation works

3. Statues and wall plaques including the sculpture of Queen Victoria which is believed to have been made by her daughter, Princess Louise who was the wife of the Duke of Argyll and a friend of Walter and Helen Douglas-Campbell.