Priorities and Progress

In this section, you can find out more about our priorities and progress to date.

Although there is a lot of work still to be done, the Trustees and Friends have made progress with a number of completed projects, including:

2016: Repairs to Terrace Walls at sundial completed.

2017: Renewal of Library roof & chapel valleys completed April | Conservation of choir stalls & heraldic shields completed in October.

2018: Outfitting of the library and vestry interiors.

2019: Phase 2 Roof repairs (Copes, Skews and Gutters), Conservation of the Bruce Effigy, Conservation of the Chapel Gates, Lighting project (Infrastructure and lighting of Nave and South Aisle), works to improve gardens.

Priorities for 2020

  • Repair of Rose window and other windows – Please donate via Cheer up a Cherub as we are trying hard to raise the funds for the Rose Window.
  • Additional garden improvements and ideally the restore the crumbing terrace walls.
  • If successful with fundraising then begin visitor toilets, Crypt and Bruce Basement works.
  • Preparation of works schedule for remaining roof leaks and wall repairs.

* Bonus achievements in 2020

  • The organ screen has had the flooring replaced, a new organ installed and repairs to the screen undertaken.
  • Lighting in the St Brides chapel was installed.
  • The lion in the cloisters has been repaired.

Priorities for 2021

  • Repair of major roof leaks in Daniel Tower and Octagonal Tower.
  • Fundraise for wall and roof repairs.
  • Remove 2 non-native Douglas Fir Trees.
  • Fundraising for rest of lighting scheme (Chapels, Apse and Chancel).
  • Heating!

A large historic building like St Conan’s Kirk needs a lot of looking after!

We rely on the generous donations and pledges of friends and visitors to fund this conservation program

We do not receive any regular funding from the Scottish or UK governments or from any Church entity. We are enormously grateful to the charitable trusts who have so far supported our conservation efforts and we hope to continue partnering with them in the future.

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