Proposed Visitor Toilets

One recurring issue for visitors to the Kirk whether tourists, wedding guests or attending arts, culture, music or community events is the lack of visitor toilets! Although when a staffed event or wedding we can often arrange access to the single Vestry toilet, it can problematic.

Elevation of Proposed Visitor Toilets

In 2018 the Trust and Friends through CP Architects in Oban developed a new scheme to install a visitor toilet facility beside the gatehouse. Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent for this proposal have now been granted! The next stage is raising the funds needed which total approximately £80,000 including access paths, a new septic tank, power, and foundations. We are basically building a small house! This is a major fundraising task in the context of the other conservation, community use developments, and arts, heritage and cultural events. If you were considering a donation to the Kirk then we believe visitor toilets is one of the most important projects.

Plan View of Proposed Visitor Toilet Location