Chapel Conservation

St Bride’s Chapel
St Brides Chapel is the resting place of Walter Douglas Campbell and his sister Helen. The major roof leaks having been stopped, the chapel now needs specialist conservation and cleaning to restore the chapel to its former glory. In 2022 a simple lighting scheme with a wireless push button to let visitors turn on the lights was installed which has allowed the amazing carving and other details to viewed. 

St Conval’s Chapel
The St Conval’s Chapel is the resting place of the 4th Lord Blytheswood whose family granted Walter Douglas-Campbell the land to build the Kirk and then, with the Trustees, completed the Kirk after the death of Walter and then the death of Helen, his sister. It is a beautiful place place and we have managed to clean the stonework and conserve the gates. There is a longer term plan to add lighting, similar to that in the St Brides Chapel. 

Bruce Chapel

The renewal of the Bruce Chapel roof was carried out in 2019, however remains a damp area due to moisture penetration of the lime mortar in the walls. The conservation of the Bruce Effigy was completed(see Objects and Furniture). Repointing of the walls and installing lighting remain key needs.