Top 10 Things to Do in Argyll

Here are our Top 10 things to do in Argyll. They highlight some of the unique things to do that make Argyll a very special place to visit. St Conan’s Kirk is in good company.

Kilchurn Castle. We have to recommend a visit to one of the most photographed castles in Scotland which is 2 miles from the kirk (approx 1/2 mile walk from the castle car park). You can even get a distant view from the Kirk gardens. Visit our Kilchurn Castle dedicated webpage to find out more. (Don’t forget there are dozens of other castles in Argyll, from visiting the pubic rooms of fairytale Inverary castle, to the views to tiny Castle Stalker). Loch Awe itself has 3 other castles.

Only 4 miles away is the Hollow Mountain – Cruachan Pumped Storage hydro scheme which is open to visitors. It is an amazing place to visit, where the water from Loch Awe is pumped to reservoir high above the loch and then returned to generate electricity.

Visit Oban. Oban is a historic town, the gateway to the Argyll islands and has a wide range of things to do, from just going for a walk and an ice-cream to visiting McCaigs tower.

Auchindrain township shares what life was like for centuries in Scotland. Strolling through the different buildings you can feel what life was like. Volunteers and staff in period costume help bring things to (a slower) way life.

Take in a garden. Argyll is home to a number of gardens that give a unique visit. From Ardkinglas (home to the UK’s tallest tree), to the Benmore botanic gardens.

Visit an Island. Mainland Argyll is amazing but we also have a huge range of Islands and a visit is not complete without visiting one. Larger Islands like Mull and Islay may need more than a day as there are so many things to do but for a short visit one of the best things to do in Argyll is to go skimming stones on Seil Island. A short boat journey brings you to the historic source of slate for many of the UK’s houses.

Visit the historic kingdom of Alba. Kilmartin Glen is home to the remains Dunadd fort, the historic place where kings were crowned and oaths sworn. In Kilmartin Glen you can also visit standing stones, stone circles, cup and ring rock engravings and cairns.

Eat. Argyll has many good or even great pubs, restaurants and cafes and also access to some incredible fresh seafood.

Drink. Possibly even in one one the distilleries that made Scotland famous for whisky. A whisky lover may choose to spend a day or two on Islay sampling peaty malts and visiting iconic distilleries or you could stay on the mainland and visit a distillery or brewery.

Be merry. Argyll isn’t a place to tick off honey pot attractions and head on to the next location. We have many things to do that reward the visitor, whatever their interests. Beaches, mountain, rivers, lochs, outdoor activities, music, culture, dancing, history and much, much more.